Marv Ellis & WE Tribe – Shadows Mean Light
01 Jan 1970 |



Words can’t express how motivated and dedicated MY-G is to his music.

With over 15 years experience in recording, licensing ,engineering, producing, creating and networking with numerous like minded artists and individuals to now owning an empire of archived records and music videos (via Indamix Records), you can’t classify this artist to any genre of music. With his hands in so many styles of diverse production it’s only right to take your  hat off and commend his historical timeline and discography. His name rings bells nationwide and across seas due to numerous tracks licensed on video games and film scores sprinkled throughout the action sports community. Once a pro skateboarder for numerous corporate sponsors turned northwest music mogul MY-G continuously stays on the grind and his ear to the street for hot production to nestle lyrics and implement live instruments to make the hottest sounding tracks for the masses.

MY-G’s focus has always been spreading conscious political messages sprinkled throughout his music along with having fun along the way rubbing minds with fellow comrades who all share the same visions. MY-G as an independent artist conquered twice as much as signed artists on major labels. Self made entrepreneur funding all Indamix projects on shoe string budget while single handedly raising the brows of the masses.

Photo & Video

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